Audio Interface Buying Guide Nepal

Audio Interface in Nepal is being very popular these days. As a musician, you might have curiosity of buying an audio interface which is suitable for you. You might know your requirement but you are probably not sure which is reasonable and good for you. If you are facing this sort of problems then Music Shop Nepal is always there to help you and meet your satisfaction so that you will never regret in future.

What is an audio interface ?

Basically, an audio interface is a device which has capability to take the sound from the external devices like : Microphone, Guitars, Musical Keyboards directly into the computer or any other output devices as per the requirement. It is a backbone in creating a beautiful sound and plays vital role in large music production.

Focusrite Solo Audio Interface

Are Audio Interfaces are Just for Music Production ?

If you’re thinking hard that audio interfaces are just for music production then you’re Probably wrong. They can also be used in live performances if your output is taken to the speaker or any other output source. Even though the basic use of an audio interface is for music production and home studio recording but also it can be used for other purposes as per the situation and demand.

What is the different between a Sound Card and Audio Interface ?

There are lots of such questions we are getting from the people who are beginners in this field. There’s not any difference in audio interface and a sound card. The only difference is the name which people prefer calling.
Take an example : Focusrite Audio Interface and Focusrite Sound Card, both of them sounds different but they are actually same.

How to set up an Audio Interface ?

Well, setting up an audio interface is not as hard as you are thinking. In my word it’s basically plug and play. For instance please watch the image carefully and you will be getting some ideas.

If you have any queries regarding Audio Interface buying guide in Nepal then please fell free to contact us anytime.

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