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Music shop Nepal is an emerging e- commerce platform, home of diverse number of best musical instruments, equipment and technology. Classical, typical instruments to modern high tech equipment are available at very reasonable price to provide customers satisfaction. All the folk musical instruments made by the locals of Nepal, are given more priority to promote and preserve the culture, pride and identity of our nation. As wise, you’ll also find drums, live sound, DJ, microphones, recording, IOS-compatible hardware and software, band and orchestra instruments, cables accessories, and more.

Best Price Guaranteed in Music Shop Nepal !

We provide the best price on varieties of guitar like acoustic, electric, bass and many more with amps. You can also look forward to folk musical instruments made by the locals in here like Bansuri (a bamboo flute), Dafali, Damphu, Dhimya, Yalambar, Tunguna and many more over 100 varieties. Music shop Nepal deals with varieties of musical instruments and is committed to provide best deals on every equipment.

Our Services

As we have the widest collection of instruments, equipment and technology we sell drums, live sound, DJ, microphones, recording, band and orchestra instruments, folk instruments, cables and accessories. Here are the list of the items that you can purchase :

1) Drum sets
2) PA systems
3) Professional Microphones
4) Guitars
5) Tabla
5) Harmonium
6) Studio Monitors

7) Audio Interface
8) Keyboard

And many more accessories with exclusive offers !

Are we only online Perspective ?

We always stock huge selection of all the accessories, equipment and instruments as showcase on our pages as well as on our physical store. As brand choices varies from every individual so we keep huge selection of brand on our physical showroom.

Why to choose Music Shop Nepal ?


Regardless of what you are looking for in music equipment and instrument, cables, connectors or AV accessories, you can find it here at Music shop Nepal. We sell all the products and services regarding basic need for music development to any live music show events to the professionals, so there is a good chance that we are in stock in what you are just missing.

Looking forward


Whether you are looking for musical instruments or advance equipment, AV cables or connectors, basic for your hi-fi system, live music event, recording or anything else, you’ve landed at the right place. You will find products and services in all price ranges, so whether you prefer a cheap solution or you want to get your hands on a completed quality equipment , you can find the perfect products and services in our range.

Music Shop Nepal