Havit Gears In Nepal

What is Havit ?

Havit is a growing gaming brand which is constantly looking forward to develop all the gaming gadgets at reasonable price. HAVIT Group provides a tremendous range of consumer electronics with unbeatable value, fashion-forward and trend setting design, but what is never compromised is the quality of the products, which were approved by thousands of satisfied customers. It is one of the brand which is established only to provide products of advanced technology, featuring the best built quality and durability for every intelligent, creative and motivated user. It is also constantly looking for new products and are therefore always in the middle of a development process to follow the market and develop products that meet the demand of our customers. Music Shop Nepal assure you to provide all the havit gears at the effective price all over the country.

Are the product tested before the distribution ?

All the products are manufactured and designed to stand the test of time. The raw materials, the final product as well as the whole production line are all checked in terms of quality and durability. Our products are not made but created with advanced technology and paramount quality. Havit promises to provide best product at the best price globally.

What are the gadgets available ?

Gaming gears such as : Gaming Keybord, Mouse, Chair, and Headphone are produced by this brand. Check the product below for more info.

Gaming Headphone

Havit gaming offers all kinds of gaming headsets with a great gaming design and lightning. As one of the few brands in the world, we offer in-ear gaming earplugs with dual microphone. Also, all the headphone are stereo and is comfortable and convenient for a user to use. Below mentioned are the available product for the mentioned category.

Gaming Keyboard

Most of the keyboards are mechanical, this is especially important for gamers who needs a keyboard with a fast reaction time. Our gaming keyboards is designed with RGB-Ligtning, to complete the gaming look. This keyboard includes anti-ghosting. With the anti-ghosting feature, you wont miss a single keystroke. Below mentioned are the available product for the mentioned category.

Gaming Mouse

Havit Gaming offers a wide DPI range from 1.200-12.000, we want to design mice that live up to our customers expectations, thats why we offer mice in different prices.All our mice features RGB backlit, which is an awesome feature for gaming, some of them programmable for the optimal design experience.Multiple buttons designed for gamers. With multiple buttons you are able to configure your mouse to fit your needs. Below are the available products for the mentioned category.

Gaming Chair

As we all know gaming chair is a type of chair designed for the comfort of gamers. Unlike other chairs, havit gaming chair offers high backrest designed to support the upper back and shoulders. Here are some feature as well:

  • Ergonomic built. …
  • Optimum adjustability. …
  • Detachable head and lumbar pillows. …
  • Well-built armrests. …
  • Proper dimensions. …
  • Comfortable cushion. …
  • High-quality upholstery. …
  • Frames, chair base, wheels, and casters.

Below mentioned is the product available for the mentioned category.

Our last word

Music shop offers you to provide all the havit gears including other musical equipment at a fair price all over Nepal. We assure to provide all the necessary support before and after the purchase of our products. To know more you can contact us directly via our Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp i.e. +977 9803130365 also if you have any queries you cans send us an email at musicshopnepal@gmail.com .

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