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Keyboard Buying Tips 2021

To Buy Piano in Nepal it might sound difficult in the beginning. As a musician, everyone should have a knowledge of playing and selecting different types of musical instrument. We must be wondering what is the best musical instrument to purchase as a beginner. Without having knowledge of any sorts of instrument there is no point in buying. In today’s blog we will be mentioning what is a musical keyboard and which one is best for you to purchase. We at Music Shop Nepal will Guide you to choose the right one for you.

What is a musical Keyboard ?

Well, musical keyboard is a set of keys that produces melodious sound and helps in musical production. Every keys produces different sound. Also, there are different types of keyboard based on size as well as number of keys. Now we will be discussing what are the types of keyboard available and what is convenient for us to buy.

What are the types of keyboard available ?

There are different forms of keyboard available based on the requirement of musicians. Buy Piano in Nepal here are some of the popular types of models :

1) MIDI Keyboard

First if all, what MIDI stands for ? MIDI simply means Musical Instrument Digital Interface. These are those keyboard which are mostly used in musical production. Well, we can say that it cannot be used in live performance unless you have a mixer and output source like : speaker. This type of keyboard directly communicate with the computer and do the recordings. Best feature of having this keyboard is, it has the volume control button and also the loop or delay.

Therefore you can check out some MIDI keyboard here.

2) Arranger Keyborad

An arranger keyboard is a keyboard primarily aimed at performers. Arranger keyboards come with accompaniment styles that react to chord changes and other cue’s, just as a real band would. It may preset to produce any of a range of voices as well as percussion and other accompaniments that respond to chords played by the left hand as well.

3) Digital Piano

let’s begin by defining an acoustic piano, one of the most common musical instruments in history. A piano contains a series of strings stretched over a metal frame. These strings are struck by felt-covered hammers connected to the keyboard. The vibrations of the strings, combined with the resonance of a wooden soundboard, create the piano’s sound. However, there are many factors that must come together for a piano to sound good, including the room it’s in, the temperature and humidity, and the quality of its design.

Therefore you can check out portable digital piano here.

Does all the Keyboard comes in same number of keys ?

No, all the keyboard have different number of keys. The universal number of keys are 49 keys, 61 keys, 88 keys. But MIDI keyboard have even the smaller number of keys i.e. 25 and 32. This doesn’t means MIDI keyboard doesn’t comes in 49, 61 or 88 keys.

What are good Musical Keyboard for Beginners ?

Well, if you are looking for the piano that is good for beginners as well as professional here are some of the list for you.
2) YAMAHA E373
3) YAMAHA E463
4) YAMAHA I-400
5) YAMAHA I-500

Buy Piano in Nepal

Now let’s check the keyboard from Casio as well:
1) Casio CTS 100
2) Casio CTS 200
3) Casio CTS 300
4)Casio CTX 700
5) Casio CTX 870 IN
6) Casio CTX 8000 IN
7) Casio CTX 900 IN
P.S. The list is kept from ascending order according to the prices for both brand.

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