Havit H2010d Gaming Headset


One of the best gaming headphone available at the best price exclusively at Music Shop Nepal.

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Features :
1.Proportional appearance and texture,simple and generous.
2.High magnetic 50mm speaker, with strong sounding quality
3.The memory foam is suitable for players with different head shapes and is tightly wrapped with your ears .
4.Single suspended adjustable headband, ergonomics design, comfortable to wear
5.3.5mm plug version: Pluggable microphone, compatible for PS4,XBOX

Colour combination : Color: Black + ochre

H2010d gaming headset

H2010d Gaming Headset

H2010d Gaming Headset



havit brand logo


Tech Specifications

Size: 200*95*155mm
Speaker: Φ50mm
Impedance: 32 ±10%Ω
Sensitivity: 118dB±3dB
Frequency Response: 50hZ to 20k hZ
Microphone: Φ6.0*2.7mm
Operating Current: ≤80mA
Cord Length: 1.7m
Plug: 3.5mm


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