Havit KB857L RGB Backlit Mechanical Keyboard


With HAVIT KB857L FN multimedia keys, you can swiftly navigate the music play, volume control or the internet browser which saves time.

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Features :
1.Able to adjust the brightness and Backlit style as you need
2.Suspended key design
3.FN multimedia keys
4.Support all keys anti-ghosting
5.All-Metal Upper shell

Havit KB857L RGB Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

Ease of adjusting the brightness & backlit styles

HAVIT KB857L Gaming Keyboard enables you to adjust the backlit styles according to your likings.

Suspended Key Design

Typing on HAVIT KB857L Gaming Keyboard feels clean & swift, bringing efficiency and accurate gaming experience.

Supports All Keys Anti-ghosting

You can window lock key: FN + WIN to lock the win key in orders to avoid quitting the game by mistake!



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