Ernieball Paradigm Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar String

Ernie Ball PARADIGM electric and acoustic guitar strings feature the world’s most advanced string technology. PARADIGM strings demonstrate superior break-resistance and unparalleled durability, while delivering the iconic Slinky tone Ernie Ball is known for. Select gauges of PARADIGM acoustic and electric sets are now available to order in a buy-two-get-one-free bonus pack, giving players the chance to experience even more for a great price!




  • Rust- and break-resistant strings for acoustic guitar
  • Phosphor bronze winding delivers vibrant, midrange-rich tone
  • Medium Light set, 0.012–0.054
  • Perfect for aggressive players and frequent travelers
  • Ideal for coastal areas with salty air that can cause premature rusting

Vibrant midrange tone from phosphor bronze windings

If you want the enhanced midrange richness that phosphor bronze strings provide, these are the Ernie Ball Paradigm strings you need for your acoustic. This is a Medium Light set with 0.012–0.054-gauge strings. Put them on your favorite guitar, and enjoy the fact that you won’t need to replace them for a very long time.




  • Guitar Type:Acoustic Guitar
  • Number of Sets:1
  • Number of Strings:6
  • Coated:Nanotreated
  • Gauges:.012, .016, .024, .032, .044, .054
  • Core Material:Steel
  • Winding Material:Phosphor Bronze
  • Winding Type:Round
  • Manufacturer Part Number:P02076


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