CASIO Keyboard CTK240+ADE95100 LE Power Adaptor

This portable keyboard musical instrument is packed with great sounds and music-making features, so it’s equally good for beginners, professionals, and everyone in between. A world of sounds, rhythms, and songs and more keep it interesting, while you experience the joy of music with renewed passion. It also sports an easy to read LCD display and built-in speakers.
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Description for Casio Keyboard – CTK240 + ADE95100 LE power Adapter

  • Song bank loading (music book attachment) <> lesson functional loading with 50 built-in music! Melody which erases the melody portion of music with a built-in song bank, flips by itself, and can carry out a lesson An ON-and-OFF function is carried.
  • the 100 tones <> which burst firmly the liquid crystal display which displays various information, including a tone, a rhythm, a built-in music name, a code, tempo, melody ON and OFF, etc., in loading <> high-quality sound — the 100 rhythms <> of a variegated genre — the automatic accompaniment function in which accompaniment of a variegated rhythm can be performed in the back
  • 49 standard keyboard <>2 speaker


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In 1980 Casio released the Casiotone 201, its first electronic keyboard. As a compact and attractively priced unit that could play sounds from various instruments, this new product drew acclaim from music lovers around the world. Casio subsequently developed numerous features that were only possible using digital instrument technology, including one-touch auto-accompaniment, memory capacity to record and playback songs, auto-play, a melody guide function that guides users through a song by lighting up the keys, and sampling technology for recording any sound for use as a sound source. Casio also broadened into other instruments for people who enjoy creating music, releasing digital drum kits, digital guitars and digital wind instruments. In addition to electronic keyboards, in recent years Casio has been stepping up efforts to expand the popularity of digital pianos. Casio Nepal: Casio is also one of the leading brand in Nepal. each and every products are loved and chosen by the music enthusiast.


  • Casio
  • CTK240
Microless SKU
  • 51527
Date first available
  • 26 May, 2020
Shipping Weight
  • 2.79 Kg
Shipping Dimensions
  • 7.49 cm x 23.70 cm x 91.39 cm



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