FIFINE K038 Microphone Set

FIFINE Wireless Microphone System,Fifine UHF Dual Channel Wireless Microphone Set with 2 Headsets & 2 Lapel Lavalier Microphone.Ideal for Church, Weddings,Presentations,School Play.(K038) Brand : FIFINE




Time-saving setup for meeting/conference

  • Transmitters (belt-pack) are powered by 2 AA batteries while receiver requires 12V supply (from wall outlet or portable power brick).
  • Fool-proof setup: take audio from mic system out toPA speaker, amplifier (any device that allows 1/4″ mic input) with included cable.
  • Compact full-metal constructed receiver syncs with2 lapel mics (or 2 head-worn mic for choice).
  • Plus2 additional input options. Get well-prepared for a 4-people group application without effort.
  • Independent volume control gives each mic user ability to adjust loudness of their own voice.

User-friendly design for presentation/speech

  • Receiver serves as a small audio mixer.Line input for playing background music from phone.
  • Easy-to-readLCD screen shows battery life and frequency. NoticeableRF lights indicate status.
  • Both features allow you to quickly respond to cutout or dropout,changingbattery or frequency in a second.

Let good sounding impress youraudience

  • Head-worn mic fits in securely, making it ideal for high intensity aerobics and Yogatutorial;
  • While clip-on mic with secret feature is optimized for interview and speech.
  • In-borngoodsensitivityensuresgood clarity. No over-boosted signal, your voice is less likely to suffer from distortion.
  • Cardioid pattern does an excellent job atrejecting noise, especially background sound.

Mind-blowing performance

  • UHF (Ultra High Frequency)gets much longer range and more powerful signal than VHF does.
  • Stable transmission is well-secured within80 feetand maximum range is up to165 feet.
  • Range can not spoil your live event any more!
  • 20 selectable frequency channels ensuresconflict-free performance in less perfect environment.



FIFINE MICROPHONE, an audio company established in 2009, with our headquarter locating in China and warehouses interspersing in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan and Russia. FIFINE is not just a brand for selling microphones and making profits. We have our R&D, QC and marketing & sales to utilizing the advanced technology to produce the very best and user-friendly sound equipment. You no longer have to settle for poor audio quality, because we employed highly skilled experienced sound engineers, audio designers, and invest in technical equipment to create a line of the best products you have ever seen. FIFINE is a newcomer in the audio industry but we grew up rapidly to a globally oriented firm within a decade. It is not due only to capital investment, but because FIFINE's code demands that the best in both products and service. We established a robust brand with great-value products and customer-friendly service in the market of the USUK,  CAMX, RU and JP. Get all the fifine microphone at the best price exclusively at Music Shop Nepal.


Frequency Band UHF 585-604MHz
Type Condenser
Polar Pattern Cardioid
Frequency response 50-16kHz
S/N Ratio More than 58dB
Power Supply Transmitter: 2 AA Batteries


AC/DC Adapter
Input: 100-240V
Output: 12V 500mA


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