Yamaha PA-150B Power Adaptor


The PA150 adapter replaces the PA5D and reduces the power when the musical instrument is turned off; saving you money! Plug it in and play your instrument without having to worry how long the batteries will last. The PA150 is designed to eliminate your constant need for fresh batteries by using efficient AC operation.



For use with Yamaha Portable Keyboards and other Yamaha products – please check your owner’s manual.

The PA-150B supersedes, and is 100% compatible with, the following mains power adapters:

  • Yamaha KPA6
  • Yamaha EPA6
  • Yamaha PA-150
  • Yamaha PA-150A

Yamaha PA-150B Power Adaptor

Compatible with these Yamaha models:

  • P Series Digital Pianos:
    • Yamaha P-35
    • Yamaha P-45
    • Yamaha P-85
    • Yamaha P-95
    • Yamaha P-105
    • Yamaha P-115
    • Yamaha P-140
    • Yamaha P-121
    • Yamaha P-125
  • DGX Series Digital Pianos & Home Keyboards:
    • Yamaha DGX-220
    • Yamaha DGX-230
    • Yamaha DGX-520
    • Yamaha DGX-530
    • Yamaha DGX-620
    • Yamaha DGX-630
    • Yamaha DGX-640
    • Yamaha DGX-650
    • Yamaha DGX-660
  • YPG Series Digital Pianos & Home Keyboards:
    • Yamaha YPG-235
    • Yamaha YPG-535
  • Arius Series Digital Pianos:
    • Yamaha YDP-103
    • Yamaha YDP-141
    • Yamaha YDP-142
    • Yamaha YDP-143
    • Yamaha YDP-S31
    • Yamaha YDP-S34
  • Piagerro Series Home Keyboards:
    • Yamaha NP-30
    • Yamaha NP-31
    • Yamaha NP-32
    • Yamaha NP-V60
    • Yamaha NP-V80
  • MOX & MOXF Series Synthesizers:
    • Yamaha MOX6
    • Yamaha MOX8
    • Yamaha MOXF6
    • Yamaha MOXF8
    • Yamaha MODX6
    • Yamaha MODX7
  • CP Stage Series Stage Pianos:
    • Yamaha CP-40 Stage
  • DD Series Drum Pads:
    • Yamaha DD-65
    • Yamaha DD-75
  • DTX Series Electronic Drum Modules:
    • Yamaha DTX-700M
  • EAD Series Electro-Acoustic Drum Systems:
    • Yamaha EAD-10
  • PSR-E Series Home Keyboards:
    • Yamaha PSR-E433
    • Yamaha PSR-E443
    • Yamaha PSR-E453
    • Yamaha PSR-E463



Additional information



  • INPUT: AC Voltage 230V 50Hz.
  • OUTPUT: DC12V 1.5A.
  • POLARITY: Positive Inner Pin.
  • WEIGHT: 180G.


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