FIFINE T669 USB Microphone

Fifine T669 Enables simple setup. USB Microphone Kit provide a direct convenient plug-and-play connection to Mac and Windows computers without any additional hardware for recording vocals, podcasts and Skype. It’s never been easier to get high-quality sound for your voice and computer-based audio recordings.



The gaming experience is off the scale

  • Fool-proof USB installation: plug-and-play on Mac, Windows and PS4 (incompatible with Xbox).
  • Compact size allows everyone to see and hear you clearly in streaming. Get rid of bulky plastic headset!
  • The all-metal body enhances its professional feel and even protects the mic from drop damage.
  • Cardioid pattern reduces irritating noise for crystal clear communication.


Streaming with simplicity and clarity

  • Compatible with Discord, Twitch and OBS, choose the favorite one and plug in the mic. You are ready to rock!
  • With a USB adapter, you can have the best streaming audio quality from your iPhone & iPad.
  • A volume dial that allows quick changes on the fly will come in handy during live.
  • A customized integrated circuit guarantees the lowest level of self-noise.
  • When you focus on the play and go silent, your co-host will not hear any annoying hissing.

Recording in wide frequency response (20-20K Hz)

  • The pivot mount allows vertical and horizontal adjustment for your own perfect angle.
  • Equal sensitivity to lows, mids and highs ensures consistent performance in all applications.
  • Raw audio is important for production. K669B gives the best raw quality possible, saving you time on voice equalization or noise reduction.
  • The decent ratio of compression & amplify balances your voice with less artifact and distortion.
  • It is sensitive to a full range of audible frequencies. with especially great highs provides the best clarity. You will get lots of detail up the top. High ends sparkle makes it good for any voice application.
  • Great for podcasting, recording instrument, doing voice-over and voice recognition.



FIFINE MICROPHONE, an audio company established in 2009, with our headquarter locating in China and warehouses interspersing in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan and Russia. FIFINE is not just a brand for selling microphones and making profits. We have our R&D, QC and marketing & sales to utilizing the advanced technology to produce the very best and user-friendly sound equipment. You no longer have to settle for poor audio quality, because we employed highly skilled experienced sound engineers, audio designers, and invest in technical equipment to create a line of the best products you have ever seen. FIFINE is a newcomer in the audio industry but we grew up rapidly to a globally oriented firm within a decade. It is not due only to capital investment, but because FIFINE's code demands that the best in both products and service. We established a robust brand with great-value products and customer-friendly service in the market of the USUK,  CAMX, RU and JP. Get all the fifine microphone at the best price exclusively at Music Shop Nepal.


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